Detective DeDe

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Detective DeDe is a 2D point-and-click adventure game for smartphones and tablets.  Detective DeDe is set in an alternate 1800s Australia and is designed for older people and video game beginners. Play as detective DeDe Anansi who’s been assigned to work a case at the Bushman’s Clock. As she navigates the goings-on of the Bushman’s Clock, your role as the player is to unveil the mystery and bring those culpable to light.

Coming soon to Google Play and Apple's App Store.
For those interested check out Detective DeDe and the Storm in the Stockpot APK for free above.


Detective DeDe by Comet Games is designed for enjoyment and intellectual challenge in-mind, appealing to gameplay habits of elderly gamers.


An engaging narrative that rewards the player for following the story and observing narrative elements.


Unique environment colour palette to encourage spacial recognition and facilitate memory recall.


User friendly game design for older people, and seamlessly embedded memory therapy techniques.

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An area of interest for us is early onset dementia, which results in a decline in cognitive ability, otherwise referred to as cognitive impairment. Dementia comes in a variety of forms, the most prominent of which is Alzheimer's disease, appearing most commonly from the age of 65 and above.


The game design of Detective DeDe incorporates a series of user-friendly systems to accommodate the needs of someone with cognitive impairment as a result of age and early-onset dementia.



You are an inspector DeDe who sets on a simple quest to check a routine disturbance at the local pub, the Bushman’s Clock. Through your investigation you uncover something far more complex and mysterious. Your discoveries of the events transpiring at The Bushman’s Clock establish the existence of something nuanced and surreal, all centred around a weather device. It is “Detective DeDe’s” mission to get to the bottom of the mysteries of The Bushman’s Clock and right the wrongdoings of its inhabitants.